Al Parker
Brand & Creative Strategy



"Success for me is building something that really matters. Working hard to fulfil the potential of the people and brands I work with." 

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Brand & Marketing Strategy 

Creative Development

Positioning, Identity & Tone of Voice

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I’m passionately curious and persistent. I love to understand the way things work and I get a huge amount of satisfaction from efficient and elegant solutions. I challenge assumptions, but I’m also an advocate of moving forward at speed. I find the best results come from working closely within a team and I like to see others succeed. My goal is to apply my full and varied experience, working with people who share my values. I'm looking to contribute to initiatives that create more value than they capture.    

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Resume _

25 years in senior brand and creative roles, experienced in direct and brand marketing strategy and execution, delivering acquisition, retention and loyalty campaigns for a range of innovative products, services and agencies. Currently consulting for purpose driven brands in the entertainment and lifestyle sectors. 



Studio Parker
Brand & Marketing Consultant
Oct 2014 - present

Sky Bet
Marketing Controller
Sept 2005 - Sept 2009

Static 2358
Marketing Manager
Jun 1999 - June 2003

Sky Bet
Head of Brand & Creative
Sept 2009 - Oct 2014

Snr Marketing Manager
July 2003 to Sept 2005

Production Supervisor
Jun 1998 - June 1999


Recent Clients

Tiny Leaf Restaurant
Positioning and Identity
Jan - April 2014 

FOTW Agency
ECD & Positioning
Jan 2014 - Oct 2017

Man Can't Fly Music
Creative Direction
May 2017 - Present

Brimsdown School
Positioning and Identity
April - July 2014

LMA Travel
Brand Consultancy & Events
March - June 2017

Stick & Stone Construction
Positioning & Identity
June - Oct 20017





A diverse range of work including multi-channel campaigns, product positioning, brand strategy, visual identity, tactical & promotional advertising and live events. Purpose driven, ownable, distinctive communications that drive engagement.


Studio Society Fitness
brand positioning / identity / campaign 

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Nagel Sunglasses
brand storytelling / art direction 


Stick + Stone
creative direction / positioning

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Sky Mobile
creative direction / script editing

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Sportdec App
creative direction / naming / guides 


Hollie Bowden
creative direction / positioning

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Brimsdown School
creative strategy / ideation 


Tiny Leaf
brand proposition / creative direction

Tiny Leaf Bar.jpg

99 Club
art direction / ideation

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Sky Broadband
creative direction / script editing

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Man Can't Fly
strategy / music direction / styling

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Kit & Kin
creative direction / script editing

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Sky Bet
brand management / creative direction

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Legendary Motorcycle Adventures
ideation / social / experiential

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Sky Poker
ideation / creative strategy

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The Gathering
creative direction

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